My Silver Bullet

I heard him cork the gun, I felt it aimed at my torso.

I wrym and wiggle like a pregnant Caribou

the end of today is the beginning of tomorrow

so where I end, is the point you begin

Borders are not my friend, regulations are not my Anthem

Hard to live in a paradise when the leaves whisper control

One could walk on the beach, but the sand will swallow him whole

he says, fuck the rules dear, tell a story with the bullet I got you

Oh it’s forged from silver, made for your stubborn heart

nothing else would do, like playing chess with an Hourglass

You’re but a lingering speculation for the generation lost in space

and you stand at the border where mysticism ends and technology begins

So lets thread down a path known to a few

where health fails and spirituality unfurls

the game is switched when you die here, you’ll live there

the border where your heart stops and the silver bullet starts

The moonlight reflects on the Sea, illuminating our monotonous footprint

my bullet glistens like the silver moon as I marvel at it’s buoyancy

his cherished gift to me, his misguided lover, far from a diamond bracelet.

then he corks the gun, this is where I end and he begins.