Remembrance day

Patriotic Nigerian, we hold in our finite hands the fate of the future.

Later generations will hold tomorrow in the same regard as the Biafra war

they will remember their father and mother’s decision

their uncles and aunties reaction

it is not a question of who is the smarter candidate

or who makes the most campaign promises

our sons and daughters will neither remember what they said nor how they won

They will only remember us and the choice we committed to.

So tomorrow let the national anthem resonate in your heart

lets choose the freedom, peace and unity we sing so passionately of

Remember the pregnant women and defenceless children that were massacred

The slaughtered Nigerians, no different from you and I.

Remember that mass genocides in Zamfara and Plateau too.

Their blood cries out, and their families mourn for justice.

while we are not God, and the current government ignores our pleas

We owe it to our future generations, to secure fighting chance

Tomorrow will be a one for the history books

though they say history is never kind,

Tomorrow the sun will be still, and God’s hand will prevail.

Tomorrow will be a day for the neglected, the deprived and the oppressed

The day that will forever echo the verdict and retribution for the government and the people.

Vote wisely, for you will be remembered for it.