Settled down at the glance and the thought of life

Felt currents like electric spark from my core

Isolation center around a waking surge

A vibration that propels into the throat chakra.

Keep the energy inconspicuous, never swaying to either poles

Your throat will either absorb the impulses

or it may continue it’s journey towards the chest

The hollow cave of intuition, where your heart lies

Oh, what a feeling of radiating emotions

knit and knock in your bones and joint space there after

Your heart weighs with a message from the universe

while your charitable heart banishes it to the bowels

Metabolism fastens or sluggers, then settles

between the groins, a belt tightens around hips and lower back

Feel the moon spread across the sky’s edges

dare to subtract the edge it has over you

For people who sense the slightest imbalances,

energies of the galaxy and of kindred

may sound abnormal, but is it really?

dubbed empaths or highly sensitive, for whatever reason

For us the full moon is more like a reckoning

Anything but smooth sailing it is

feelings too scary to explore, spur up

the dark side of my soul bullies me to submission

Yell as you wish, the influence grows worse

like a family reunion, where the black sheep is king

spritz me with venom and engulfs me whole

Until I am gurgling on it’s dark influence

Neptune knows, intuition cannot be bargained with

gifts dreams you can sip with your soul out a straw

or sardonic skies that taunts you at your weakest

But when my forehead kisses the ground,

every turmoil is hushed in universal harmony

The Cinder Path

There are some who traipse down a cinder path

they survived the lightening bolts exploding from the sky

They climb the same mountains that caused their stumble

they do not yield to unforgiving salty tears

they kiss the rose that pricks their lips

their love is chronic and in-toxic

They are creatures that know not precaution

they let sadness drown in a sea of golden promises

and warn their younger self against naive facts

giving new life to the meaning of survivor

imitating freedom as an active sport

practicing outside of a melancholic life

letting their guards down and

accepting agony like falling icicles

for wisdom has been embedded in trusted hands

too many battle scars, much more lived experiences

they chose to nourish the earth and Gaia

for siblings and their successors

Invoking an oath of resurrection

they are labelled winged free spirits

for others they are belle âme

because their words are as eloquent as their soul

and their tongues are coated with lotus leaves

they are forever hung to the web of empathy.

Today more than ever

more people need to lose the tree

and grow a forest of millefleur and fauna

to forfeit fitting all into a one-sized coat

but embrace the uniqueness of every soul

by following the cinder path

Inspire & Empower #motivationalmonday

Wherever you are

Aspire to evolve and transform

swell in the resplendent beauty

that is your soul

Disparage thy weakness

Admonish thine past

Enlighten others in occasions

That breeds peace

Spiral with innovative spirit

Above all

Inspire and Empower.

Daily Addictions prompt is occassion. Fandango prompt is swollen Ragtag prompt is spiral. Word of the Day Challenge is resplendent.