A look through 2018

The hand of the clock ticks. tocks. ticks

At the beginning of the year, like a good number of us, there were nuggings of uncertainty pecking at every corner , but as days progressed into weeks and weeks into months, I began to ease into the year like a temptress breaking in a new pair of stilettos.

I wanted to start projects, without confining myself to the impossible standards of resolutions. I didn’t want to just scale through, enduring was an option, just not mine. Still, I had no prior prep courses, no handy machineries to be able to manoeuvre 2018 without skiddng through muddy ponds.

I however do have one thing, a video camera with which I was able to capture the galore of contagiously unforgettable moments.

One of such moments was in April when we got meine Süßigkeiten, Aka Gandalf. Boy, have I learnt a lot about persistence and patience from this vengeful, stubborn wabbit. Here’s a video when he was 5 months, frolicking in the garden. I’ve decided to name this, the Adventures of Gandalf the wise . Click the play button.

it’s everything but boring, right?

Then came a day, I with all my idealism thought it was time for all the residents of our cozy district to meet and greet. Well, things escalated farther than I hoped for when Rudolph, the dachshund set his weary eyes on the young blood.

But enough about the bunny, In the summer, we visited my Fiance’s relatives in Gyula, a small city In Hungary, close to the eastern Border of Romania. Reka their especially talented and diverse daughter invited me to her Zumba class, I did more than applaud her.

Reka is the little cutie to my left

Her brother, Levente whose mood is frequently unpredictable ( I can never tell if we’re on good terms) serenaded me with a traditional folk song, of a beautiful maiden. I guess we couldn’t be better.

Levente with his rock star dad.

And my extremely cut for time take on Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” Hungary version. Click play to watch.

As it seems, I didn’t merely duck and hide, like I thought I would, whether I was prepared for the segwaying uncertainties, Jesus showed me that I only needed to be certain of his love. I hopped on grace, and it brought me here today.

This is my best moment in 2019.

Alas the cold and my fear of water kicked in

And that fellow bloggers and loyal readers is the how I chose to end this year. Thank you for all the love to memoirsofalexander.com and I. Comment below if you had favourite moments in 2018 today.

It’s eight hours till jan. 1. 2019, but it’s still not too early to say Happy New Year! Frohes neues Jahr! With love from Budapest.

Let the fireworks begin.

How I got engaged

 Those video archives on the internet always seem longer, but my proposal took less than 2 mins, and now I have a new treasure for my memory box.

Our Beginning

We met 3 years ago on a dating app. Neither of knew what  we wanted, but a glitch in the time-space continuum turned two strangers into something more. We’ve had our fair share of turmoils, often breaking up for a varying lengthy periods. Despite being of the same age, we are polar opposites in more ways than one. I was emotionally unintelligent, whereas Viktor had a  more evolved thought process. Ultimately, My curiosity towards learning drew me to him. His objective views keep me grounded. We eventually decided to buckle down and figure out a common ground

The Nightmares

Since meeting my parents in June, I’ve had an inkling he was going to propose, which left me rather anxious. I had recurring nightmares, like Aliens possessing my body, forcing me to denounce him and creating an awkward scenario. In another, I was naked. Tired of the nightmares, I confronted him. We got into the details like the size of my finger and how the event should transpire. In the nightmares, it was public like airports or restaurants, and I wanted none of that.

Surprise Surprise

Despite eliminating one element of surprise, I still didn’t know when it’ll happen. When we arrived Lisbon last week, he told me he booked a boat tour. I pictured big bus sightseeing tour or something similar. I wasn’t even gonna dress up, then I saw him all suited up with his dressing shoes, so I changed everything on me. As a result, we were running late. 

As we arrived at the port, there were no big sight-seeing ship, instead we met an ocean skipper who took us to a sailing boat. I wanted to scream, he’d made me run out almost without a pair of earrings and it was just the two of us?  They could have waited since we booked the entire boat.

Let me sidetrack for a bit, I have a real time ( and numbers) disproportion. While my Fiancé would rather be always 7 mins early, I prefer to be there exactly on time, as you may have guessed,  this never happens as I’m always  late. Good timing is yet another thing I’m learning from him.

Boats are scary!

I got over it quickly when the boat started to move and the skipper narrated to us about the monuments. As we drifted father down the river, I walked (more like duck for fear of falling overboard) to the front of the boat to experience the full view. 

Perfect timing

He said he’d be right behind, yet he was talking secretively with our captain. I figured it was either about football or EU politics. Eventually he came at the perfect time… when the gust grew stronger and I got so cold. I hugged him very tightly. The song “moon river” came across my mind which translated into the poem I published HERE on Monday

I said Fix it

7 mins later, the sailor waltz over and asks us if we want a picture, I always want a picture when I look good.  we got up, me shaking like autumn leaves. In the next moment, he was searching his jacket for something, and I knew this was it.My reply to his question was “fix it”, a little inside joke between us, then I said yes.

Authenticity rocks

Later at the restaurant, he apologised for the size of my diamond. But one of his  most admirable qualities is his authenticity, something the rock on my finger glaringly reveals.  He could have bought Zirconia, or borrowed money from people in other to buy a ring bigger than his pay-cheque, but he stayed true to me, and most importantly to himself.

End note

It took less than 2 mins, but a lot of thought and planning was behind it, Some people prefer grand surprises, I got the perfect holiday gift I could ever wish for,  If you’re engaged, married, or have family who is, you have to share your story in the comments.

We’re leaving Portugal today and I’m so sad, but a part of my life will be connected to the river Tagus. Thank you for taking time away from your festive shopping to read my long ass story. Remain in his blessings.