The Best Instagram Model ever

Meet Troja, an Irish Setter who spends her days exploring the Norwegian wilderness with her hooman and putting IG influencers TO 👏 SHAME. 👏

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Floof & Ferns

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Her hooman, photographer George Rotan, spoke to BuzzFeed about Troja, running their account @george_and_troja, and their various aesthetically pleasing adventures!!!

“Troja always came with me on hikes, but I never thought about photographing her until people on the trail started complimenting her looks,” Rotan

“Since I’ve started taking pictures of her, it’s created more of an interaction between us on our hikes. It’s led to a very strong companionship,” he said.

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Remember kids, if you freeze, freeze with style.

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Rotan got Troja back in 2012 shortly after his previous dog passed away. And originally, Troja’s caretaker thought she was too anxious to go to a home.

“Troja was very weak and insecure as a pup, but she had such a soulful, unique personality,” Rotan said. “I instantly fell in love with her and vowed to help her get better.”

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If you could only smell my world

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After challenging her to explore new places and meet different people, other dogs, and wild animals, Rotan says Troja is stronger and happier than ever!

Now, George and Troja go on daily hikes and over 100,000 people follow their beautiful adventures on Instagram!

UGH. What a life!!!!!! 💖💖💖

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Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious Family Hashtag

Jimmy Fallon’s back at it again. Every now and then, he does a segment where he gets fans to tweet their funny stories. He already did one for “How I Got Dumped” and it was hilarious.

This time, Jimmy wanted to hear weird family stories. And boy oh boy, people delivered.

jimmy fallon


It’s Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing thing a family member has done or said, and tag it with . Could be on the show!

Jimmy started with a pretty tame example. Not a bad start.

But Jimmy was soon to realise that wasn’t so weird after all. I mean, it’s not like his parents used kids as traffic cones.

There were stories about grandparents and dentures.


Or what about this story of the year round Christmas tree.

Finger painting, anyone?

Does your family sneak off in the dead of night to go on holiday?

This story’s kinda sweet tbf.

F. Scott Fitzgerald did not have this in mind when he wrote about the green light.

Getting roasted by your grandparents is the worst, let’s be honest.

“We are looking for a 4 here.”

I love aisle five of Disneyland.

There’s always next year…

And finally, never argue with a dog — they’ll always win!

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Cold territory

I walk in, I see you.

You’re next to me but you’re far away


Can’t explain what I did

When you were close to me


In my head I can’t formulate

The riparian poles we’ve clung to


Although I don’t call you,

Of course I won’t text you.


My heart reaches out for yours

In millions of ways


Trying conversations.

Erratic personas.

Wrong timing above all


I fear of what’s yet to come

Confusion and Frustrations


But If I have to keep trying,

I will.

Even until it all explodes


Some day , we will feast

Make merry like old times


Because right here, right now

Everything feels like cold territory

Son of Pisces

Eons prior to your creation, the sun charted the heaven; Son of Pisces

Neptune unravels its secrets,  invisible no longer

Like aquamarine; your eyes glisten, mirroring your soul.


Frivolous, yet compassionate. You love  like a martyr

Prideful, like the Braveheart. Yours is a torn, pervicacious spirit

Ardent, like the scorpion, revering in  the illusion of life,

Seen and unseen.



Your feet long to leave its prints, voyaging through unassailable  foreign dimensions

Your sentient visions splurge  in daylight

Innovative, like the mind of the water bearer.

As sure as the tide ebbs and wanes;

Son of Pisces

You were meant to be who you are.