The sky is falling

The sky is falling. I said it before, so let’s talk this bizarre climate changes.

One day brimstones will rain down from the sky. We just can’t keep ignoring this. Man’s carbon footprints is crazy high, it’s destroying the planet we swore to love and protect.

We’re advancing in technology but making primitive mistakes. The air is tainted and mother nature is not happy we are killing off her most primitive inhabitants.

We are adaptable, but most anthropods, even mammals aren’t. and those that learn, just get hunted and killed. For how long will the world leaders ignore this critical issues that plague from the oldest being alive to the neonate that inspires the first breath of tainted air?

For how long is mangrove deforestation going to continue

How long must we keep picking apart the inert part of humanity?

The ecosystem is dying

Mother nature keeps crying

Her creatures are suffering

Her voice is fading

slowly but surely

fading into oblivion…

when the outermost layer of earth atmosphere finally decays

we will be as vulnerable, as those endangered animals

Carbon-dioxide is increasing

sea levels are rising

marine species are migrating

land animals as well

the earth’s core is melting

Greenhouse gases are skyrocketing

oxygen is declining

humans are dying

Yes man will become endangered if we don’t;

hold our hands togethers

laws must be implemented

voluntarily pick up garbages in the community

separate the household wastes

use less aerosol, use more organic products e.g deodorants

stop hunting animals for their wools

stop wasting paper

stop wasting water

cycle more, drive less

Yes everyone can implement a lifestyle to make the world a better place

I cannot do it on my own, and you’re not superman

if we don’t use the paper cups, the businesses will eventually go bankrupt

lets stand together in boldness and rescue the environment for all she has done for us

if not for our sake, for the sake of our endangered future generations to come.

Thanks for showing up for my TED Talk.