Every day

Every day I hear a melody of thespian dreams floating away

I find a thousand children smile through your eyes

and applaud every movie I see before the end credit roll

to revel with a swirly glass of Merlot, that’s dinner

and try to change the end of every day

I lay on the grass and see forms of the deceased and breathful in the stars

and if rain decides it’s too proud to stay hidden

I stay because it’s my hair’s bestie

It’s been long I had to sneak to watch late night movies

it’s been a while I had to hold onto a secret

still secrets find a way to bore a hole in my shadow

and in light they stand brave and unconfrontable

talking about secret I just remembered

it’s been long I heard your voice

in my head we’ve already made up

It was stupid. it’s stupider now

but that’s my ego whispering it verbatim to my soul’s ears

you know I love that white noise

I could let it go but I don’t want to

because it’s texture is raw and unadulterated

and I stopped having those dreams

the ones where I’m afraid to fly

I started having new ones

where I have a voice but nothing comes out

I don’t prefer the ones that I have to run from faceless beings either

I’m still trying get myself free you know

I’ve suffered a deep scar to my left shoulder

it’s ugly and bold but I’ve stopped hiding it

it has become more than a hyperkeratotic scar

it is the embers of an emotional reactor

from which I rose from

and it fuels the footsteps into tomorrow

so my everyday is better than my previous everyday

it’s like sweet strawberries soaked in coconut milk

and to top it up rainbows decorate my days

even in the non-succumbing winter freeze

I have a feeling that this more than a season

these rainbows will be drowning in my eye for longer than my era.

I’d love to not be wrong this time.