The Christmas Magic

Sitting beside a warm furnace, trying to figure out what to write today. This is a tad out of my comfort zone as I didn’t grow up with holiday cheer and presents. And so for the past few days, I have been binging on movies as a desperate attempt to catch a whiff of the holiday fever.

Let’s see if I’ve been been able to understand this nordic tradition.

For some people, Christmas is about the gingerbread cookies, and marzipan. I especially love chestnuts. For some, it’s about the smell of fried rice and fish soup (or whatever the traditional food is in your region), as they share a very special meal with loved ones.

My favourite moment is the special look on people’s faces when they unwrap a gift from me. Right now, I am enjoying this moment with my sister and my Fiance’s family.

I suppose I have caught the symptoms of festivity; feel warm, loved and happy.

I wrote a little poetry, nothing fancy or especially good but it’s something to commemorate the season.

And it looks nothing like Christmas

Even as the wind blows steady

the sun reminds us that he’s in charge

only sight of snow is up the mountains.

Boys and girls close their eyes

and red bell glisten like fiery crystal

Gingerbread sprinkled with Cinnamon and frosting

sturdy pine trees rise towards formidable clouds.

There is magic all the way

It’s a blizzard out there

raining ice and what not

There’s no better feeling a warm furnace in a cozy home.

Shine baby Jesus shine

shimmy the night away on silver ice

A star paves the way, and you glow

even when the world slows done.

The bell of the catholic church chimes 12:00

Oh look, a shadow behind the chimney

perhaps it’s dasher, prancer and dancer

following the compass home to the North pole.

Leave chestnut roasting at the fire

or Gandalf chewing in a Christmas stocking

On Christmas night one things for sure

I’ll hug you as tight as a resplendent gift.

And as the last bite of marzipan disappears

The last candle blows in the wind

the last story is being told

to boys and girls all over the world.

And thus the story goes

twas the night before Christmas

the greatest magic is revealed to all

sharing love and peace both nigh and beyond.