You hear my voice only through the Psithurism of these pages My name is but an echo that resonates in your vital heart once at mid day. Grief is a lonely space that wreathes me with an all too familiar scent This realm of solitude bathes my skin with the milk of despair listen to […]

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Cigarette lingers delivering a smoky kiss to her thorax Like the winter’s sun mystery shadows on alpine innocence will fade. He’d sit next to her Like the gypsy’s rendition, she’d become younger. His voice is her salt caramel mixed with charm hopeful till the end She is an Iglo His heart now her vortex lonely […]

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Watch.Wait, and See

watch, wait and see

Oh dear, can you smell that? Yes it smells of shell and burnt clay… but there is something else lingering here. It’s intense and fast approaching. Today has been an irregular one in that I rarely change a post abruptly, in fact I slept at 3 am, because I was editing the post I was […]

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The Inn-keeper

The inn-keeper

Fellow Bloggers and beloved readers, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and briefly thank you for what an awesome year this turned out to be. While the story that I am inspired to post is not your traditional magical Christmas story, I hope you’ll enjoy it still. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll explain why. […]

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Pure love and Poetry

Love. Love sweet as a honeypot Love that entices and wounds me in it’s grip Pure love that oxidises, only getting darker, gentler, more poetic as it vibrates in a frequency above all energies Resonating like minds together, I mean twin souls like twin souls I’m designed to resonate with you Feel what you feel […]

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He craves your thoughts, it’s true on this most rufous Tuesday  brooding  comets thus align roughed anecdotes by tantalised masses Hide yourself from incongruous judgement this guise to rob your inner peace shhh even the walls have ears arm yourself with electric artillery The silence of a falling  caribou barely visible from the milky way […]

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