Beard eye

Captain Beard eye is not like any regular pirate you’ve heard about before

He’s not a scruffy vulgar scallywag like the other sea robbers in the high ocean. He didn’t steal treasures or have an eye patch. He didn’t even have a seagull that gawked on his shoulder from sun up to sundown .

He didn’t squander his nights on laudanum and flute.

No beard eye is not like any pirate you’ve ever seen

His sailing ship was the whole earth. He’d would sail the earth through stormy waters. If sailors fell overboard, he’d send a rescue boat . With intentions purer than the fresh water he sailed. Sometimes the sea was foggy because the sailors disobeyed his commands, but that didn’t distract beard eye from his goal to teach them to love each other and him.

A night came during his adventure in the North ocean, A whirlwind struck the water into a violent storm, threatening to drown his crewmen. The sailors cried and whimpered and wailed. “Gather your courage men, the Lord our God will save our lives” Beard eye commanded. Some of his cabin boys hid under the rescue boats, while others contemplated drinking mercury.

But Beard eye held the wheel firm in his hands, and his tobacco pipe firm between his teeth. He sailed the boat as fast as his could, even though it had begun to sink. The crew had lost all confident in him. But soon, the ship was gliding from wave to wave because of the speed. Beard eye neither slowed down or wavered. And just like that the sails could touch the clouds. The sailors couldn’t believe their eyes. Perhaps we are dead, they mummered amongst themselves. But Indeed, the ship was flying over Africa. It landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Hence, Beard eye became not only the most famous pirate in the heavens and the earth, but will be the most respected name for generations to come.

Under the Sea

what is that squishy thing o’er yonder?

it’s milky translucency, like sand on the beach

makes me wonder what is Vertebrate and anthropoid

for not all that meets the eye is as it seems

Under the sea

The waves crash on oceanic floor with mighty brute and force

it’s vast strength can nether be measured or compared

the creatures of the sea, all respiring and moving

because half of earth population does not live on land

under the sea

the Ray-fish reminds one of IT, the clown

The sun fish, the hunchback of Notre dame who never belonged

if the sea otters weren’t the darn cutest things in this world

grooming one and the next from sun rise to dusk.

under the sea

I wish I knew jelly fishes before shark tale

coz they really do look like Rastafari

deep radiance under the Oceanarium’s reef

emerges new life camouflaged in blue.

life under the sea

They follow the leader

wallowing in tandem schools

Marching to the anthem of spring

to appease the deity, their serpentine goddess

under the sea