I slept last night watching webinars on how to drive more traffic to my blog and commanding an online presence, I woke up  this morning lucidly dreaming  about how to make sales.

This has been occupying my thoughts for months, I’m unemployed and I need to be independent regardless of my parent’s fortune.

Today during our study session, my German teacher asks me ways I save money, so I tell her that I rather invest than quit shopping or travelling, because that’s just me. I want to take 4 usd and turn it into 8 and then $12 rather than keep $4  in a piggy bank every month.

This caused me to realise just how much I idolize money, I mean every one does, but perhaps some more than others. Later,  I open WordPress and the first article I see is titled; the blessings of brokenness.

I scoffed.

What could this man be thinking to identify brokenness with blessings.  In what Multiverse? Out of curiosity I decided to read the post which began reshaping my POV .

I thought ok, he’s not wrong, but I still need to  make money!

I scrolled through twitter and I find yet another sermon with Joyce Meyer explaining Psalm 63 with her experience, talking about what it means to put God first and be fully satisfied

So I started thinking about why he was bringing these messages my way. All I want to do is become a social media elite and capture subscribers, it doesn’t mean I’m being ungrate….

…..Oh, maybe I’m being a tad impatient in my queries and mission to conquer online marketing

Maybe my vision has shifted from waking up thinking, ” thank you lord,” to “how do I get people hooked on this product.

Maybe I’m too focused  on an evitable future brokeness that I forgot how he’s steered me from tribulations in the past

And maybe, just maybe although I pray and sing praises, at the back of my mind, I am really thinking about the grind.

so I ask him, where do I go from here? should I just quit on everything I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few months?

The first Bible I came across was Mattew 6:34.

I guess it’s settled then. No more moaning about money etc. I will try my best to keep my eye on the cross and continue this  heavenly race I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of.

In hindsight, money doesn’t equal satisfaction. It’ll just tries to replace Christ in our lives which it’ll never be able.

Sure I want to be rich, successful and respected, like everyone but from what I know, I am indeed impatient and this race has phases to it.

In truth, I need to embrace the not-rich, non social media elite Idara because this will be a part of that story that awes the world years from now and bring Glory to his name.

Thanks for reading my daily thoughts.  Leave a comment. Tell us how your day went.

God bless you.