on A Myrtle Tree

And just like that

there is a man sitting on a myrtle tree

his body is feeble but his voice is loud

He sings the same song everyday;

Woe is the man who believes

in the freedom the world promises

for no such thing has ever existed

or will ever…

Sometimes he begins to fuss and wail

for no ear cares to listen

He should have given up a while ago

yet he campaigns even vigorously

Remove the scales from your eyes

so you can see in the darkness

There is only freedom

in the arms of the son of man

Days come and months pass

Sun shines and snow breaks

A child is born and a man dies

but the man’s mouth is never shut;

Open your lips and sing his praise

the LORD of lords is alive forever

drink from the living water he provides

and let peace rule your heart till death

The kids make fun of him all day

the young men think he’s drunk on spirit

the old men think he finally broken

since his family died a while back

I sometimes sit under that myrtle tree

let his voice serenade me while I rest

lately I started thinking of the possibilities

the man may be mad, but what if he’s right?

Christmas wishes

I told myself the wishes I wanted

coz no other ear was listening

I needed a wedding gown

something subtle but glistening

I want to visit my many Christmas pasts

and hug me till I’m warm inside

stay up and talk about previous wishes

kiss me when I fall asleep

Amongst other things

A brand new job

to help pay the Mortgage

and prove I’m no slob

I have so many wishes

would love to check them through

soon a new year comes straddling

and we wish the old Adieu

But a lovely evening with you

hiding from the wind outside

decorating the Christmas tree

ho ho ho with yuletide

Hot cocoa cozied in hand

selfless acts of love I adore

Cheesy movies every night

is just as good or more

respect the process

I can’t hide emotions, my face will betray

I can’t say yes when I mean No

thunder billows and the earth quakes too

still my pupils are wide and my lips shut

at every chance, I frown a smile

take care of me , is No. 1 rule

may seem selfish but have no choice

give me a chance, or do you dare?

add another one in case I fail

I cannot be seen

I cannot be heard

taciturn, to say the least

not made of stones, like I pretend

Wish I were active like my rummaging thoughts

though I could never focus on something worthwhile

I’m not heartbroken, I’m really glad

can walk around and see Christmas lights

can lie on the ground and watch my thoughts

I’ve learnt to respect the process of life unfolding

Prefer dancing with tears in my eyes

Tomorrow will explain the reasons why

Family bonds

I don’t know when I stopped

being my father’s daughter

perhaps I was tired of grappling at expectations

of using my blood to paint someone’s incompetent ego

I don’t know when I stopped

being my mother’s friend

perhaps I was tired of accommodating excuses

of staring at an epitome of disappointments

I remember when I stopped

being my brother’s sister

We ran and played till a fuse went off

I worry that spark may never connect

I don’t know when my prudent sister transformed

she says it was during Grandma’s death

Her light went dim as if she were dead too

she could only come out a different person

all I know

For as long as I have lived

Family has been the strangest bond

It runs deep only to evaporate like butane

Without you

Without you the sun wouldn’t shine

the ocean couldn’t generate waves

Roses would grow bleak and wither

Without you I would not be writing this

My blood would sizzle and evaporate

Evil people would be dancing over my tombstone

Without you the birds wouldn’t sing so sweetly

the dogs wouldn’t boast with their barks

man would be wandering aimlessly

Without you I wouldn’t have my wonderful man

two weird sisters that are pretty cheeky

and my awesome brothers I love so

Without you, love wouldn’t have any meaning

Joy would just be an obvious word

and peace would sound like a fairytale in a bad dream

Without you everyday would look the same

the lights in the sky would wane

Mankind would be doomed to abysmal limbo

Her Connection

Today she saw a bird,

black-feathered, orange-beak it was

and next to it sat another

together on a fence.

She’d never had a best friend

So the pen became her therapist

as well as her mentor

She made the mint pages of a book,

her biggest patrons.

Her favourite blouse leaves a trail

of ox-blood and maroon.

She dazzled in her recent look

with a recycled version of her former drag.

Her shade is a tinted mural

of interrupted dreams she’ll dream again

but her favourite pants is a pair

of unresolved feeling she’s too scared to detach from.

On her face, you’ll notice a dent

the dissembled puzzle pieces of her past lovers.

The pages of her soul are dog-eared and ripped.

The beauty of her heart was lost in transition.

That’s why she likes to smoke tobacco

and watch the fumes dance off her skin.

She said I have to chose

between a burning city and a secluded mine

it’s not at all easy for me

because my soul burns like embers

and the earth eludes me

maybe I’ll walk to a reef

to let off steam and level my thoughts.

So She laid under the stars

made out familiar faces from the sky.

Her limbs grew warm

like a volcano was erupting inside her.

Her breath waned

like the universe was buried inside her.

She heard a wolf howl

As if it too was craving a real connection.

Then everything went still.

The waves stopped crashing.

The insects stopped mid-flight.

The seconds stopped ticking

At midnight, she was still.

Like a rose waiting to be plucked

until the ground swallowed her whole

and burped up her ashes.

… A rare tenuous connection


You flipped the pages of your mind

darkness crawls out of the fornices

like dust bunnies stirred out of it’s corner

much to your disaffection and pride

Sounds drowns

pupils dilates

Breath non-stimulated

you step into a fog.

A face forms from it’s shadowy vape

(S)he wants to see you for what you truly are

and (S)he won’t leave you alone

until you drink him or her whole

You notice (s)he is a child

with innocent smile and ceramic eyes

His or her’s facial expression tells a story

of the darkness, the fog and everything in between

(S)he is not the darkness

(S)he is only the meagre remains

Though (s)he is watchful and mute

her voice fill the atmosphere like a Banshee’s shriek

(S)he is the trigger that keeps you unrepentantly lucid

the wilting roses in your quaint Sanctuary

the Virus that invades your avalanched system

for that reason you name him or her Madelene.


“It’s true

I washed your blood with my colourful fabric

ingest me like the blue pill

and I will roar you into ethereal youth

When you’re lost in a sea of hauntings

I will be there with the key to pandora’s chest

while you’re waiting for dreams to unfold

there will be singes of thunderstorm

a hurricane of paranomal havoc

followed by echoes percolating through darkness

hold onto that little mustard seed called faith

and I will turn your tired spirit into the cheeriest of them all”

…says the One who makes all things possible

and though this hope is unfounded

I still believe what my eyes can’t see.

Dark times

The world is ending

I heard her pleas

The ground has opened

to swallow up human kind

Wolves move in packs

so does man

listening for sign of life beneath the earth

the end of us could be a beginning of another

The world is ending

haven’t you heard?

the ninth wonder of the world

will happen when she is vastly unoccupied

Man is pathened to a behaviour

doomed to repeat the cycle again

the labour for hope is not worthwhile

when life turns cold with unforgiving hands

Silence rustles to cover land and puddles

sinking it’s black paws in both fossils and arachnoids

rheumy sun frowns earnestly

A sign for the last happy moment to remember

The world is ending

so wolves move in packs

Man is pathened to a behaviour

silence rushes to cover land and water

I know you don’t believe in signs

the dark prophecy foretells

every man will speak a different language

note this, I was once like you.