That Night

Confessions of a Motown Lover The first night we met I was drunk on Jagermeister and passion. My palms were sweaty, my breath was heavy. my voice was lusty. Many-a-time I tugged on his ripped jeans, threatening to leave it more ripped than jeans. We talked, enjoyed cocktail hour and made flirtatious glances and remarks. … More That Night

Helium – A Poem

We were lovers in an era that ceased to exist and faded to biege we were pre-teen, sulky, easily amused, not worth a worker’s wage within restrains of our inner mind Diameters of our outer psyche We had floated up, weightlessly, balloons in every colour palette Your rosé lips pressed against my chin. As I … More Helium – A Poem


The last time I heard from Gemima,  she told me I was fiercely rebellious and we were polar opposites. Alas after several monsoons, here she is serenading me the same tune. She says she’s evolved, that she never gave up. She’s telling me she failed me when she seized believing in us. Gemima tells me … More Gemima


A blank slate.  I’ve hit a wall and I’m intently searching the recesses of my mind for anything worth writing, a scribble even. Really, it’s not that I’ve hit a wall. Quite the opposite actually, I am a dreamer, I hope my visions will never cease, but the block is irrefutable. Communication being a tool … More Metamorphosis

Son of Pisces

Eons prior to your creation, the sun charted the heaven; Son of Pisces Neptune unravels its secrets,  invisible no longer Like aquamarine; your eyes glisten, mirroring your soul.   Frivolous, yet compassionate. You love  like a martyr Prideful, like the Braveheart. Yours is a torn, pervicacious spirit Ardent, like the scorpion, revering in  the illusion of life, … More Son of Pisces

A Lover’s Quest

Your haughty eyes Your formidable charm I suspect you’ll  have more to unravel             I want you nowhere near me                                tonight        But when this last drop of wine            … More A Lover’s Quest

The disappearing act

When I first saw you, I thought you were beautiful. Tall, tanned, Indian. And  I looked like me, awkward, weird. But I knew it was you I wanted. The most brilliant mind in our year. I wanted to pick your brain, even if you wouldn’t look me in my eyes, even if your lips wouldn’t … More The disappearing act

Cause and Effect

What hope brilliance brings unwavering in the field of  ignorance excavating the association between universes a necessary sacrifice, to suckle the wisdom of philosophers or study with the likes of Ramanujan soliciting the beauty of cause and effect. Study

White Noise

Don’t take this the wrong way but who do you think you are? You serenade me with a golden harp yet bind my hands and feet. You torture me, My screams fall on deaf ears You manipulated me in the times I trusted you. and judge my existence with every breath I expire. You delude yourself … More White Noise

The Shrine

Her hips sway to the beat of the banjo Skylight filters through thatch roof The flicker of light on a solemn night A hue of blue shades her face Her pelvis wines In the center of the shrine.     The audience watch keenly Such mastery, Such art From a beautifully dangerous woman Like foreplay for … More The Shrine