Black realness meets pop culture

I’m still gagging.

*Warning: this post is slightly ethnic heavy*

To usher us into a new era of super fierce black realness, Solange released her new Album with her single “Almeda”. Here’s my 2 cents;

Hello 911, what’s your emerg—?


You say he’s suffering from persistent convulsions? Give that man a bolus of melanin stat!

what type?

Almeda 200ml/ 30min until he stabilises.

Yes, it is layers upon layers of brown liquor, brown sugar, black skin and everything else in between.

I normally do not involve myself with today’s music. Most are condonable until they transform into an ear worm, no thanks to the massive supply from media. However, they highly influence the creative works behind pop culture, which means it’s worth something.

My idea of pop culture revolves around a handful of artists. I’m inspired by realness—some are albeit neither popular or current. I love Kate bush, Sade, Aliyah, Erykah Badu, 2pac, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar…so maybe a bit more than a handful.

Now Solange happens to be the missing link between Pop culture and black realness. That’s because she proves it every time she releases a single. The first song from her I heard, “lovers in the parking lot”, had me obsessing without end. Her energy is ambivalent, most of the time she’s just having fun. When “losing you” came out, I was sold, hook, line and sinker. I guess I’m naturally drawn to the underdog.

The problem with the so called pop culture today, is that the masses always pit their beliefs against each other. Let’s not get into Cardi-B and Nicki Minaj shameful dirty laundry exhibition. People try to convince others that their choice of music, fashion or dance is ulterior. It’s too subjective to call. and doesn’t need to be cut-throat. For the generation Z, who happen to be the more technology savvy, peer pressure is an ancient problem.

When we listen to tunes that flow well, that impacts our psyche in an aboriginal way. So let’s enjoy the gift of music, for it adds flavour to our life—but I’m just saying Solange is Bae tho.