Dear Vanity,

What a scruffy slutty one you are

you have succumbed mighty men with your armoured weapon

and ensnared kingdoms of Emperors in your grip

you rave for enmity and war

your reign stretches beyond mere eyes can see

with your succubus sisters, Sex and Power

you dominate and ruin the earth to rubbles

the illusion of sex, how clever your disguise is

Men think it is the biggest enlightenment when coming of age

women bare their chest and buttocks to be successful at success

a dab at Medusa’s quaintrelle’s fate

the art of deception, the most brilliant one there is

has wise men and demi-gods trodding down a wide lane

Enter power, what ordinary men yearn to behold

what mighty governments will never give up

’til the cunning hand of death rips it from cold decaying hand

while others wait in line to get a whiff

from a plumber to the richest man in the world

from a boy with no shoes to an accomplished business mogul in Africa

she doesn’t lie about giving it all up for the one who’d do anything for her

Giving in abundance, yet demanding much more

she strips and double-fucks the brains of men, making them immortal

tho as long as blood flows through their veins, they are still fallible.

Vanity you play a cruel game,

the ball always in your court

who is ballsy enough to stand up to you?

men have studied your approach, and understood your ways

men have slain their flesh and blood to exalt her

but it’s just dust

even more common than cotton with plaids

dust, more basic than atoms

she plays an unfair game, she does

all the same her psalms will echo

from the rotting mouths of wealthy leaders.


A former lost soul.