On Adulting and Reading

Do people still read for fun?

Even a two year old can see through my façade whenever I announce, I’m gonna read a book.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading. Did I say love? I loved reading some eight years back. My curiosity always got the upper hand. I wanted so much to be grown. I loved Jackie Collins ( and her explicit sexual details). Even when my mum discovered some very adult contents under my bed and pillow, it was still a fun era for me.

Now that I see how adulting works, I sincerely want my teenage ignorance back thank you very much.  It’s truly gone now, and It didn’t take away my love of books with it, but rather the time.

I don’t know which is worse, not doing what you love because you’ve no time or having a general distaste for what you used to love.

In recent years, I limited myself to a book, a year. This was mostly during a two month summer break, the only long break we got from Med school if we were lucky.

Thankfully I’m done with that life.

I should be snuggling up near the fire place now, with a cup of rooibos tea and a good book, like the subtle act of not giving a  fuck – or Uglies or one of the several suggestions I’ve gathered throughout the years . Books I’ve always wanted to read, yet I hear life yelling at me, ” Get a job, loser!”.

I’m focused on laying the fundamental bricks for my career, perhaps a little too intently. Nevertheless, I believe life will happen anyways, sooner or later. In the meanwhile, why don’t I just unwind with novel? For a while,  I was romancing with the idea of getting my “must reads” in Deutsch.

So far I have the Brother Grimm and a few storybooks which actually contributed a lot in my understanding of the language’s semantics. A couple of novels and some collection of ebooks. Gar nicht schlecht.

I sincerely miss reading for fun, and I want nothing more than to improve my writing skills, and I rely a lot on visiting blogs and taking notes since I can’t finish a hard cover. unfortunately, I’ve also been slacking on that too because I have a metaphorical book that I need to close, put back in the bookshelf and torch  down the shelf and maybe  if I feel like it, light a blunt from the embers.

Yea, life’s getting too serious now. But although adulting is neither easy, nor is it backing down. I’m happy it’s happening now because this time next year, I would have hurdled over the apex of  this hard part and be feeling rather grateful.

My goal is to finish two bestsellers in German and in English before the year runs out. So I pose this questions to lovers of paperbacks and ebooks. How do you manage your time, whilst losing yourself in your casual read of choice?

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Idara Talks.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Who am I?

“I think; therefore I am”—René Descartes


Who am I?

who sees when I see?


who hears when I hear?

who knows when I’m aware?


Who am I?

who watches my dreams when I am dreaming?


Who feels love when I feel love?

whose hair turns white when I’m gripped by fear?


Who are you?

whose shadow are you living behind?


Are you your father’s child?

are you a workaholic or alcoholic?


Are you still donning the frock  of guilt and despair?

are you still afraid of who you are?






Ramana Maharshi

the untethered soul—Micheal sing