Temi’s smile

Her middle name could have been hope for she saw beauty in the strangest of phenomenas too. She’d lay side by side to monsters and infect them with her twitchy smile. Her name was Temioluwa and that was her super power

Temi,s eyes was like the sun erupting from behind forest grooves on a lusty morning breeze. When she tilted her head to say hello, I felt bubbles within my oesophagus forcing me to sing.

Her hands were the warmth of a thousand melting pots and she gave the most graceful curtseys. It wasn’t hard for her to captivate my attention and bend me into the forms that she so pleased. It wasn’t hard to always want to revel in her imperfect perfection and twitchy smile.

Thick is her bouncy mane, a new level of kinky unlocked. She’d sweep the playground with her presence like the high priestess performing Aphrodite’s sacred rites. Welcoming in sumptuous vibes.

She took to the hills like she dominated my heart. unapologetic and savage in every way. Vain and vengeful as if Venus held a mirror to her likeness. She traipses into the Aula. A tunic in one hand and a cape in the other ready to conceptualise her essence.

Her Grandmother was her favourite person. The first time they met was when her power was activated. She’d sit at her feet, climb around her neck and bounce on her back. When it’s time for grandma to go, she’d wear an uncommon upside down smile.

Grandma tugged on her chin and gazed on her with smiling eyes. “I’ll come tomorrow, before you wake up”. Temi’s teeth lighted up like a chandelier that could not be hidden. Grandma was coming back and that was all that mattered.

Two hours and counting, the lion was growing impatient. She played until her feet ached in the hot Lagos sand. By midnight she was alert. Any minute now Grandma would walk in through those doors. A minute that did not arrive.

She waited until daybreak with a hopeful smile. Sometime between the cock’s crows, Temi realised Grandma wasn’t coming. Like Pollen her smile began withered with the open space.

The courage of the lion has been mangled. It changed her in ways she never knew. Rejection became Temi’s achilles heel.

She didn’t stop smiling, in every picture it is upside down. Permanently.