Toxic People with Toxic hands

You lost your childhood somewhere at the corner of Cleveland avenue to toxic people with waddling hands. They sunk you deeper into the clouds.

You reappeared here. Waiting.

Waiting for poetry to be read. Waiting for the trees to bear fruits and the seams of summer to sprout at the stems of a sycamore tree. For some reason, that was where you were looking for yourself. For your ego.

That was where your spider senses were leading you. They said it was bad luck to yell your dreams out of the window at daytime. It was toxic even, but you already knew that.

You are not surprised by the storm. You have seen it brewing from a distance. It’s been getting stronger. More acidic like grapefruits being fermented to alcohol. This is how we are, you and me you see.

All your senses know the toxic hands grappling your shinbones. An endogenic heat spurring within you is begging to release your alcoholic nature, but when the night disguises the sun and the days turn bronze, all you are left with are;

Toxic people with toxic hands.

Nevertheless, you are still waiting. All summer-long, you stood still. You feel your torso sink further into the clouds of toxic hands. The trees bleed violet. Your senses melt. You forget the reason you were waiting in the first place because a woman with an oversized ears pointed at you as she poisoned your mind with a toxic snake.

You breath yourself back to stillness. It will be okay now. The sun will shine again at the end of autumn because they can’t take away twice what you’ve already lost once.


A gale  blew past us

As we took a walk through the botanical garden

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


Flying golden leaves, free falling

Wilting willow branches’ calling

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


Screaming school kids, Haunted playgrounds

Apple bobbing and Candy apples

Nesting a love song on October’s leaves


See the the crisp browning of dragon’s breath

Shadowing the mixed scent of pumpkin and poetry

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


The simmering embers make a comeback

Diluting Summer’s exotic air

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


A cup of tea like communion wine on every lip

Merrymaking cradles on every hip

Like a rising phoenix, more or less


A picturesque view we’ve come to adore

lures us to a scintillating shore at four

Nestling a love song on October’s leaves


Like a Phoenix wing, more or less

We know neither a steady beginning or a quick trip

If venom drips off a ghoulish organ,

Let’s join to sing October’s songs forever more


Image source: Twitter