Could you recognise the silence?

That is what it feels like

when Zenitude and woe swirl around in a chalice

when crickets chirp louder, nearer

when it’s too soon to speak up


The silence is the stillness of a waterless dam

it is the look in her tearless eyes

the doleful journey that’s a lucid trip

It echo like ghost in the wind

that’s why they call her Aura


Yes, the silence is a person

She breaths in, and out

if you listened, you would her arterioles pump

swoosh swoosh swoosh

in the hallowing darkness


She loves the word vindictive

she embodies it, so it is her

For wagging tongues told a classified lie

And she believed them

Immersing in their dripping fallacy


speak and you will be heard, they said

roar and you will command valleys

but her silence echoes to frosty mountain tops

Why speak when hearts will brawl

why talk when no one cares


She invites numbness to all she meets

And like ants to a picnic

They’ll flock around her

Then she performs her best trick

the disappearing act, as she calls it.


Who are we really kidding?

Our chattering minds will never seize

when the heavy drizzle on rooftops halts

Her voice will drown us

In a seething ocean of solitude


We believed it when they said;

speak and you will be heard

roar and you will command valleys

but like Zenitude mixed with woe we’ve found love

In the Aura of withdrawal and silence