Alone and Lonely

I’ve straddled both fences, balancing both at the same time but to be lonely is a feeling comparable to a comet that shoots far into the vast galaxy, where there are no neon stars to guide him back. It is the tendrils of a leaf that a caterpillar nibbles, not knowing that they already withered, … More Alone and Lonely

For the Culture

Dear Motown lover, I absquatulated to Narnia To see gold ensemble of war ships, north of the loch ness To feel the straddling orange warmth pacify my bosom and finesse the taste of smooth jazz and Scottish scotch         I couldn’t hide from you, though I’ve been exiled Your rouged bearded face … More For the Culture

Women’s Day

Intention: I want to use this opportunity to connect with, and send a positive thought to every woman, girl on the face of the earth. I would not be over-exaggerating if I point out that women have never had it easy. Beginning with Eve’s encounter with the snake, we’ve been tormented at every turning point … More Women’s Day