A ballad for valentine

Step right up and witness the innovative saint

There are bouts of emotions only one night a year

see as endorphins run high and vaporises

when he walks by like a shadowy apparition

Two Euros and twelve cent and she heard him

commanding humans, inviting many to stillness

with eyes that resonates with the shifting wind

the concoction for loneliness she needed all her life

Though many chant his name over and over

they eat chocolate, spill chardonnay as a tribute

all day, occasionally when the sun goes down too

the curtain of regret and morning after pill draws nigh

his nakedness is blanketed by shivering snow

The saint’s trail is a snaky and tedious one

the hourglass counts down to that one day

women eat chocolate and men spill Chardonnay

But that evening, he saw her too

commanding his numb swivelled cherubic heart

the sun reflected on his lover’s puffy smile

and rose again with regret and morning-after pill

And they were prefect strangers with identical frowns

storing memories of each other before they met

365 days knocked on the door and left

step right up and witness the innovative saint

he came to save her once a year from the solitude

but her heart already loiters the streets in glittery shards

with two euros and twelve cent, you too can spark emotions

unfortunately, there are no free admissions.

A Lover’s Quest

Your haughty eyes

Your formidable charm

I suspect you’ll  have more to unravel 

           I want you nowhere near me


       But when this last drop of wine           

                 lingers on my tongue

     perhaps you’ll  be more befuddled 

                   about my innocence.